Playboy Mansion hot tub maintenance unacceptable

A story recently surfaced about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Playboy Mansion that ended up linked to bacteria found in one of their hot tubs.

There’s no excuse for improper water maintenance, and this incident would not have happened had this vessel received adequate attention in that department. To be sure, devices like a metal ionizer automate the process of water maintenance to a certain extent, but even a proper chlorine level would have prevented this outbreak, regardless of the health hazard presented by chlorine (and bromine) in its own. Whoever was maintaining this tub should be replaced.


Natural water purification alternative

Our involvement with the metal ionizer came about mostly because of our association with wooden hot tubs. In a natural wooden tub, chemical sanitizers can quickly do serious, irreparable damage to the wood if not used very, very judiciously. Even in acrylic spas and swimming pools, there’s still the effect such harsh sanitizers have on your health, equipment and the environment.

If you want to eliminate the need for halogen (chlorine or bromine) sanitizers, an ionizer device is the only accepted way to do so. Ozonaters actually present a hazard to your health in their own right, corroding nearby metal parts and eating away at your equipment’s ‘O’ rings, and despite this, they only reduce the need for halogens. You still need to maintain a halogen level with an ozonater, but zero halogens are required with an ionizer.

Our ionizer produces copper, silver and zinc ions, which are effective at killing algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The copper/silver sanitization process is so safe and effective that, at higher concentrations than what’s necessary for a pool or hot tub, this same method is used to purify potable (drinking) water. Using an ionizer means you’ll never again have to share your dip with harsh chemical sanitizers. This makes your hot tub or pool a healthier place to relax for you, your family and your guests.