Sauna Bathing Magic “the Finnish way”

Posted September 2nd, 2013 by admin and filed in Saunas

While saunas have genuine physical health benefits, sometimes it’s the mental and emotional benefits that are the most important.

In Kathy West’s recent blog post, she discussed a night shared in the sauna “the Finnish way”, which in this case referred to sauna bathing unclothed.

Although saunas can now be found in most gyms and hotels in the U.S., sauna bathing sans clothing is still something many people resist, and this is one main reason why many people install their own private sauna in their home.

Whether this reluctance is the result of insecurities or modesty, there are many people who would be unable to enjoy a sauna without something to cover themselves. This is despite the fact that sauna bathing uncovered is considered to be the norm in many cultures. Indeed in many saunas around the world, there is no other acceptable way to bathe.

As West illustrates, the companionship and camaraderie that can be so quickly forged in a sauna is something incredibly special. Many people, especially those who consider themselves “hard core” sauna aficionados, would probably argue that this close bonding happens in part because of the way a lack of clothing makes people feel vulnerable and ultimately more willing to share things about themselves.

Whether sauna bathing uncovered, in a towel or in a bathing suit, it is undeniable that saunas are beneficial, not only on an individual basis, but also in the way bathing together can help strengthen, and even begin, lifelong friendships.