Weight loss in a sauna?!

Posted June 28th, 2010 by admin and filed in Saunas

There are many claims being perpetuated, especially by the Chinese makers of infrared saunas, which are simply not true. One such claim regards weight loss.

Weight loss from any kind of sauna bathing – infrared or traditional, is simply the loss of water weight through perspiration. As soon as the bather replenishes the fluids lost through perspiration in the sauna, the weight comes right back. Failure to replenish these fluids results in dangerous dehydration, which medical professionals rightly consider unsafe and warn people to guard against.

Buying a sauna in an important decision, and one that should be thoroughly researched. It is not a decision that should be made on the basis of misguided beliefs or expectations. The therapeutic benefits of traditional saunas are centuries old and well established, from the Scandinavian style saunas to the Native American sweat lodges, whereas the relatively new technology of the infrared sauna is just that – new and unproven. Consumers would be wise to use caution when considering infrared saunas for therapeutic reasons. If you’re looking for proven health and relaxation benefits from a sauna, the tried and true traditional Scandinavian style sauna is the only choice to make, but remember, no sauna will make you lose weight.