Gas Hot Tub Heaters versus Electric Hot Tub Heaters

Back in the early days of hot tubbing, gas-powered hot tub heaters were always less expensive to operate than their electric counterparts. However, with gas prices steadily increasing year after year while the cost of electricity has remained relatively regulated, this simply is not always true anymore.

To make an educated decision about which strategy is best in your situation, you should do a cost analysis of each heating source – something we’ve helped many of our customers do. Surprisingly many of those analyses have revealed electricity to be the less costly of the two forms of energy. You know that this is obviously an unbiased recommendation since we sell both gas and electric heaters – especially since the gas heaters are nearly twice the price of the electric heaters!

Another consideration to take into account when looking at a natural gas or propane hot tub heater is your climate. Many gas heaters are only rated for outdoor use down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and none of the ones we’ve seen are rated for use below freezing. Many dealers won’t bother to tell their customers this, and instead sell them replacement parts when their gas heater rusts out prematurely. The only way to run a gas heater during the winter in a freezing climate is to install it indoors, which requires the purchase and installation of both a flue and an indoor heater hood.

In many cases gas hot tub heaters are more costly to buy, to install, and most important, to operate. Make sure to do a thorough examination of your situation before making a choice as to which is best for you.