Choosing the proper size for your Family Sauna

Posted September 16th, 2010 by admin and filed in Saunas

When people think about adding a sauna to their home, they sometimes let the space they have available dictate the size of their new sauna. Often this leads to the specification of a larger sauna than is actually needed. For a couple or small family sauna, the 5×7 sauna is the perfect size. If more space is available, a shower, and/or a lounging/changing area, is an excellent extension to make your sauna experience more enjoyable.

Those accustomed to sauna bathing know that the top bench is considerably hotter than the lower bench. Having a full width lower bench permits bathers with different preferences to use the sauna at the same time, but in a shallow sauna there isn’t enough room to make the lower bench full width. Unless the sauna is at least 5’ deep, there’s only room for a narrow step bench which provides a step up to the upper bench and a footrest for people seated up there.

As for the width of the sauna, many people prefer to lay down during their sauna bath, so you need benches that are long enough for prone bathing. With our Precut Sauna Kits you lose an inch from the cedar T&G that covers your wall framing, and with our Prebuilt Saunas, which have modular wall panels that are 2.5” thick, the inside dimensions are 5” less than the outer dimensions, hence the recommendation of the 7’ width.

With the 5×7 size, not only is the lower bench full width, but you even get a bonus L shaped lower bench, rather than just a straight bench. That’s one upper and one lower bench that can each accommodate a prone adult, and one seat for a third adult still remaining.
If you need a sauna with enough upper bench space to accommodate two prone adults, then the 6×8 – pretty much the largest size we’d recommend for a residential sauna – would be the proper choice, but for most sauna bathers, the 5×7 is quite suitable.