Sizing a wooden hot tub

When purchasing a wooden hot tub, size should be one of your first considerations. Too often people allow the space they have available or their current budget to dictate the size of their hot tub vessel. This can often result in the purchase of a hot tub that is much larger than needed. Keep in mind that a hot tub requires constant, daily heat, and it costs the same energy to heat it whether it’s one, two or ten bathers that regularly use it.

When it comes to wooden hot tubs, 8′ diameter tubs account for less than five percent of our sales, even though many people contact us thinking this might be the size they want. The most common size for a wooden tub is either a 5×4 or 6×4 and well over ninety percent of all wooden hot tubs sold are either 5′ or 6′ in diameter, 4’ high.

One of the reasons that people prefer wooden tubs over their acrylic counterparts is because of the much greater depth, and 4′ high tubs are on average already a foot deeper than the plastic spas. It’s the depth we sell most often.
Not accounting for diameter, 5′ high wooden hot tubs amount to less than five percent of our sales, again with good reason. While it’s true that the actual inside depth is only about 4.5′ in a 5′ tub, you spend most of your time in the tub being seated, and for people of short stature and especially children, this depth can be too much.

The exception would be if you plan to do some sort of aqua-exercise in the tub, in which case we could understand the choice of a 5′ high tub. Aside from a full-blown swimming pool, there’s no better vessel for exercise than a nice deep wooden hot tub.

Just keep in mind that with an inside depth of 54″, if it’s filled all the way to the top, such a tub might have water that’s over the head of most youngsters. If children are involved, that’s one good reason to think about buying a tub no deeper than a 4’ model.

If you’re unsure about what size tub you want, you can always call, e-mail, or chat with us. It would be our privilege to help you decide what size tub would best suit your needs.