6 Reasons to Invest in a Home Sauna

Have you ever thought about installing a sauna in your home? While most spas, health clubs and gyms have saunas for their patrons; there are also many excellent reasons to install one right in your own home.

Privacy – Although some people enjoy conversation during their visit to the sauna, others desire complete silence. When you utilize a sauna at a public place you’re at the mercy of the other patrons who are enjoying the sauna as well. When you have a home sauna you can set the tone. You’ll never have to deal with excessive noise during your sauna bath.

Dress Code – Sauna etiquette, including dress code, can vary widely from culture to culture, sauna to sauna, and patron to patron. Some public saunas are clothing optional, some require a bathing suit, and still others only require the use of a bath towel. In your own home sauna, you never have to worry about being dressed, or undressed, inappropriately.

Hygiene – Public saunas are used by many people through the course of day. You never know who the last person was to sit on the sauna bench on which you’re about to relax. You also don’t know the last time the sauna was cleaned. By owning your own sauna you eliminate this concern, and ensure that you are always able to enjoy a clean and healthy sauna environment.

Humidity – Many people enjoy a sauna bath that begins with a dry sauna, to which they then add a bit of humidity by sprinkling water onto the sauna stones, the Finnish tradition of löyly. In a public sauna, often only the first patron of the day can enjoy a completely dry sauna. Once water is used on the stones, that dry sauna environment is gone until the sauna completely dries out. Depending on the traffic in the sauna, this might not be until the next morning. In your own home sauna, you can always control when and how much water is added.

Comfort and convenience – Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a sauna any time of day or night, without having to leave the comfort of your own home? You can use your home sauna whenever and however you want. Never again will you have to worry about the gym or club being closed, or having to share your bath with unwanted guests.

ROI – When it comes to adding value as you’re selling your home, few improvements are as unique and attention getting as a sauna, and if you install a Prebuilt Sauna (as opposed to a Precut Sauna Kit), you’ll even have the option of including it in the sale or taking it with you to your new home. Our Prebuilt Saunas assemble or disassemble with no special skills or tools in just a couple of hours.

People who add a sauna to their home are able to enjoy their sauna experiences much more than those who must share a public sauna with strangers. Home saunas are cleaner, safer, and more comfortable than their public counterparts.


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  2. ABSM says:

    Yes Sauna is a great thing. But Physical exercise is very important to a healthy life.Over weight is very harmful to you. Every body likes a slim and healthy body.

  3. admin says:

    You’re right, saunas are great, but are definitely not a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the retweet!

  5. Joel Y. Torres says:

    You may not use the words detoxify, detox and detoxification very much in your daily conversations, but they are words upon which your future health and happiness could conceivably depend. Similarly, you may not pay much attention to far infrared saunas, but these fantastic devices offer health benefits that you may not be able to afford to ignore any longer.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Joey. I’m afraid you’ve been duped by the marketing tactics of those who manufacture infrared “saunas”. No sauna, infrared or traditional Scandinavian style, will do much in the way of detoxification. The best you can hope for is to have your sweat actually pushing out the dirt and debris that has settled in your pores. If you’re really looking to boost the detoxification your body is doing you need to concentrate on internal organs such as your kidneys and liver. On top of that, infrared enclosures aren’t real saunas, and no one expecting an actual sauna experience will ever be happy with a so called “infrared sauna”.

  7. Today sauna culture enjoys its greatest popularity in the Lake Superior Region, specifically the Upper Peninsula of Michigan , especially the Keweenaw Peninsula, and parts of Minnesota , Wisconsin , and Iowa , which are home to large populations of Swedish and particularly Finnish Americans . Duluth, Minnesota, at its peak, had as many as 14 public saunas.

  8. admin says:

    Hi Kurtis, thanks for the blog comment. We love to see the Scandinavian sauna culture spreading into the US. We’ve seen saunas gaining popularity quite quickly here in the states, and hope to see more of it in the near future!

  9. Price almost never dictates the quality of an infrared sauna. Many companies purchase from manufacturers overseas, then sell to retailers who then in turn sell to the public. This means every sauna is marked up at least 3 times before it reaches the consumer. If a company refuses to post their prices online they are most likely trying to get your information first so they can then try to pressure you into buying using intense marketing strategies. The quality of the saunas should speak for themselves.

  10. admin says:

    When we talk about buying a home sauna, we are never referring to the infrared enclosures that are being passed off as saunas. You’ll never get a typical sauna experience in an infrared enclosure. We’ve even had customers compare their infrared “sauna” (which incidentally they were trying to change into a traditional Scandinavian style sauna) to sitting in a closet with a space heater.

    If someone IS going to buy an infrared “sauna”, though, we would recommend being diligent to find out the true country of manufacture. Infrared units coming from China have been recalled due to faulty wiring which is a serious fire hazard.

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