2nd Annual World Sauna Moment

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The sauna business is booming as more people than ever are investing in their physical and mental well being and upgrading their home with a home sauna. A home sauna provides not only the social distancing necessary during the world’s fight against Covid-19, but also the comfort and peace everyone is currently craving. We suspect many people won’t want to sit in a public sauna ever again, but regardless, as the pandemic comes to an end a home sauna will still provide the perfect therapeutic and relaxational space for you as well as an entertaining space for friends and family.

And meanwhile, anyone fortunate enough to already have a home sauna can join sauna lovers all over the world for the 2nd Annual World Sauna Moment.

According to a recent post on the Sauna Times blog, the 2nd Annual World Sauna Moment will take place on April 3rd, at 5 pm your local time. Sauna Times encourages readers to, “Please join us for sauna and a toast at 5pm, alone and together.” When you do, snap a pic and post it on your social media account of choice with the hashtag #worldsaunamoment. Feel free to send it to us as well (blog@almostheaven.net), and we’ll feature you and your sauna on our company’s Facebook page!

Happy saunaing!


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